HomeFit: The At Home Fitness Revolution

HomeFit: The At Home Fitness Revolution

So you want to get FIT, do you!? But what’s that? You don’t have time or money to attend a traditional fitness or health center? NEVER FEAR!! Some of the best bodies in the world are built without fancy machines or facilities (Although they do help, so if you’re being cheap… Go get a gym membership).

There’s a few different ways to attain that awesome body of awesomeness in the comfort of home:

  • Following a strictly designed body weight program
  • Buying a pre-programmed fitness routine (Such as P90x or Insanity)
  • Buying gym equipment for your home

The last option is similar to actually having a gym membership. However, having a few pieces of equipment at home will definitely make achieving symmetrical results easier. I recommend having the following:

  • Dumbbells/Kettle Bells (weights will vary based on your strength level)
  • Resistance Bands (varying resistance, again, based on strength level)
  • Chin up bar of some sort
  • Jump Rope
  • Cardio Equipment (Treadmill, bike, elliptical… If opposed to doing cardio outside).

Now, let’s say you get the recommended equipment (cardio is optional)… What do you do with it? Just like normal weight lifting, varying sets, reps and intensity to cause progressive overload is the key. Programs will vary slightly based on goal. As a disclaimer, none of the proposed exercises or programs should be completed if above your ability level or without proper evaluation by a health professional. Always remember to warm up properly and stretch when done!

Program 1: I WANT TO BE STRONGGGGGGGG! (Extra G’s because you know deep down you’re a real G).

Day 1: Upper Body (Repeat 3-10x based on fitness level)

50 x Jumping Jacks

15 x Pushup Pro Tip: Do explosive pushups for a challenge!

10 x Crab Walk (each direction)

15 x Shoulder Press (Requires dumbbells)

15 x Spiderman Pushups (15 ea. side)

1 minute Plank Pro tip: Try High planking or single arm alternation to make it harder!

15 x Chest Fly (requires dumbbells)

1 Minute Jump Rope

15 x Triceps Extension (15 ea. arm)

1 minute Pushup Hold

Rest 2 minutes

Day 2: Lower Body (Repeat 3-10x based on ability level)

1 Minute High Knees

1 Minute Mountain Climbers

15 x Goblet Squats

15 x Straight Leg Deadlifts (Requires Dumbbells)

15 x Lunges (each leg) Pro tip: Do switch lunges if you need more of a challenge!

15 x Switch Step Ups (watch your step! 15 ea. leg).

1 minute Jump Rope

100 x Calf Burnouts (Calf jumping)

15 x Laying Leg Raises Pro Tip: Try hanging leg raises for a challenge!

Rest 2 minutes

Day 3: Rest! You earned it tiger ;D.

Day 4: Upper Body (Repeat 3-10x based on ability level)

1 Minute Jump Rope

12 x Pullups (Do as many as you can!)

15 x Bent Over Row (requires Dumbbells) Pro tip: Change grips to target differently!

15 x Biceps Curl (Requires dumbbells or bands)

15 x Superman plank pulls (Requires towels or socks)

15 x Resistance band Lat Pulls (each side)

15 x Plank Rotations

1 minute Jump rope

Rest 2 minutes

Day 5: Lower Body (Repeat 3-10x based on ability level)

1 Minute Jump Rope

100 x Calf Burnouts

1 Minute Jump Rope

15 x Squat Jumps

1 minute Jump Rope

15 x Side Lunges (each leg)

15 x Sumo Deadlift (requires dumbbells)

1 minute Jump Rope

100 x Flutter Kicks

1 Minute Jump Rope

Rest 2 minutes

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Abs (Repeat 3-10x based on ability level)

1 minute Plank

25 x Laying Leg Raises

25 x Crunches

25 x Side Crunches (25 ea. side!)

1 minute bicycle kick

25 x V ups (Jackknives)

Rest 2 minutes

This is just an example routine. There are THOUSANDS of exercises out there. Primarily you want:

  • Exercises which target large muscle groups (burns more calories, builds more muscle)
  • Do cardio for 75-150+ minutes each week. 75 for High intensity, 150 for low intensity. The above workout includes cardio.
  • Maintain rep ranges based on goal: 1-6 for Strength (Requires HEAVY weight), 6-12 for strength/endurance/hypertrophy, and 12+ for pure endurance.
  • Exclude exercises which cause you pain!
  • Stretch AFTER exercise only. Stretching before can cause injury.
  • Proper diet and nutrition! Check out the other articles on this site for more information.

Additionally, if the weather is nice, get creative. Park workouts are amazing and fun (Doing pullups on a jungle gym, for instance)! Doing resistance moves also helps, such as hand stands.

Whatever your goal, wherever you can go, always keep fitness in mind. Our bodies, are our temples. Go out, get strong, get fit and let your body show you of what it’s capable.

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